Visit Place of Urgup

Visit Place of Urgup

Visit place of Urgup, 20 km from the center of Nevsehir. away from Urgup, Cappadocia’s largest settlement. Even though the fairy chimney does not exist in the center. It will surprise you first, you will encounter the most beautiful ones. The Three Beauties, which are photographed in front of 2 million people every year in the vicinity of Urgup . You come to life in the valleys and enter the history tunnels.

Valley of the Kizilcukur

Kızılçukur Valley is a magnificent valley between Urgup and Nevşehir and 5 km from Urgup . In fact, thousands of tourists come to this valley. Which is the most beautiful place to visit in Urgup, from January to October.

Gomeda – Stirrup Valley

The valley, which is a combination of the Gomeda and Uzengi valleys. About 6 km long and is one of the most untouched valleys between Ortahisar. And Urgup that you will see in Cappadocia.

The name Gomeda comes from the historical ruins of the valley and the name Uzengi comes from the creek flowing in it.

Pancarlik Valley

In Cappadocia, each valley is private, and the Pancarlık Valley is one of those paradises between the Urgup – Mustafapaşa road. The valley is very close to Urgup and Ortahisar is 4 km. distance.

Pink Valley

The Pink Valley, which collects the most beautiful formations of fairy chimneys. That you cannot see in the center of Urgup , is one of the corners of heaven adorned with magical colors every time the sun sets. On the way between Urgup and Avanos, the Pink Valley, which is located in the middle of the highway. Makes the fairy chimneys look as if they were alive silhouettes.

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