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Salt Lake Tour Max. 3 People Per Car - 1 Day

Salt Lake Tour Max. 3 People Per Car

Salt Lake Tour

Tuz Lake  tour is the region where 40% of our country’s salt needs are provided today. The lake is therefore known as a touristic and commercially important lake. As Turkey’s second largest lake’s surface is here. The lake is located in the deepest part of a tectonic pit and has plateaus around it.

When you arrive in the area, you can visit the lake and also buy from the lake’s health products. Various cosmetic shops are located at the entrance of the sea. From here you can buy or try creams made of different minerals and produced by the lake, which actually really softens the hands. Then you can start walking bare feet in the lake. The salt you feel on your feet will give you a very interesting feeling. As you walk, you will see your skin softens like the cream you’ve tried. This is extremely natural. Minerals on the  feed your skin.

Legend of the Salt Lake Tour

According to a legend, once upon a time the locals met salt from a small salt. But then the salt in this sea was depleted and people couldn’t find a place to meet their needs. For this reason, they made the salt sea tour , which is actually sweet, a salt. Then they started to meet their needs from here. According to another legend, once an old woman had vineyards where the that tour once was. One day an old woman passes through these vineyards and a bunch of vineyard from the owner of the vineyard says he suffered. So the owner of the vineyard does not want to give grapes to the woman. The old woman left you by saying that these vineyards are ice with salt. All the ties of this woman were , and today’s  river is formed.salt lake tour

Salt Lake Formation and Properties

The effect of the surrounding rocks in the formation of the sea is very large. Thanks to the rain made by time tectonics collapsed in this area. Then all these waters collapsed and began to melt the rocks. In the winter months, which is overflowing with water, dries in the summer and all these waters become steam. The area of ​​the lake turns into a desert. Officers collect these salts from here and make us come to their tables.

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Trip Facts

  • 1-3 People

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