Red Valley cappadocia continues to fascinate those who see the Red Valley.

Although there is not much distance between Urgup and Ortahisar, we come across. Although the valley seems to be small, it is very important that you make a plan first and then visit it.

Since it is a very indented and protruding valley. It should first start to travel through the upper parts of the valley and then a plan can be made towards Cavusin side.

When you enter the Red Valley from Ortahisar section, you can easily start to visit the upper parts. It will be easier to get into the inner parts by walking.

red valley cappadocia
red valley cappadocia

Red Valley, which has all the characteristics of Cappadocia, has red tuff rocks. During the sunset, you can watch a complete feast in the evenings after the color turns red.

You can have a wonderful walking process by seeing the pigeons among the red views of the surroundings with a proper path.

With the vineyards accompanying your journey, those who want to see a church are accompanied by these magnificent roads up to the Crusader Church.

If you want, you can relax with a wine and enjoy the red view. The Red Valley tours, which are usually started after the visit of the Uzumlu Church, are quite enjoyable.

The frescoes of the Uzumlu Church were built before the iconic crusher time and are now also present in our lives and are very interesting with this feature.

The length of the tunnels here is 37 meters. But it’s still worth taking a flashlight.

The tunnels do not consist of a straight road and in turn end with a steep descent. If you descend using the ladder in the opposite way, you can catch a safer exit.

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