Love Valley Cappadocia

Love Valley Cappadocia

When you visit Cappadocia, you will surely pass the Love Valley. However, since there is only a sign called. Bağıldere ’burada here, you have often passed by without knowing what is inside. Since Cappadocia tours are difficult to enter here, the tour companies do not bring you to this point. However, it will be inevitable to see this beauty especially if you specify. Love Valley is a more frequented spot for those who make balloon tours. If you have come to a fortunate period in which the weather is good. You will also have the luxury of a bird’s eye view of the area with balloon tours. If you want to examine this wonderful place more closely after what I have told you. You will read the rest of the article.

Love Valley in Cappadocia

Before we talk about the great beauty of the Valley of Love, let’s get to know Cappadocia in general. Cappadocia, which is a wonderful region of Nevşehir, has a long history. Although it is not a city with 60 million years of accumulation, it is a wonderful region with colorful lands and fairy chimneys. The region, which has patiently become this state, is also known as the ’Land of White Horses’. Its neighbor, Aksaray, Niğde, Kayseri, which is the crown of the head of Cappadocia, is ready to offer you a visual feast. So what are you waiting for! However, we are not finished yet. Let us move on to what you do not know about the Love Valley – Aşıklar Valley, or Bağdere Valley, which is the pupil of Cappadocia.

The length of the Love Valley is 4900 meters. Although the entrance of the valley is not very convenient for vehicles, transportation is still provided here. At the end of the road, when you clench your teeth, a beauty that will never regret you will be waiting. Just after landing, the water in front of you will make your work a little difficult. However, the moment you get over this short zone, all that is left is to enjoy. The most important feature of Cappadocia and the Valley of Love is the fairy chimneys. 

Where to Love Valley?

Love Valley, Aşıklar Valley, Bağdere, such as this region, which may come up with many names within the boundaries of Nevsehir Goreme. At the same time, this area includes the Lovers Hill and allows you to see all of Cappadocia from here. It is also quite easy to come to this wonderful place where you can get the whole region under your feet. You can come here either by your own car or by bus. However, most tour companies prepare programs for this region at an affordable price.

If you come along with the tour it will be an easier choice for you. For those who come to Cappadocia from the research, the tour companies are extremely directing and you do not go back without seeing any beauty. On the way to the lovers’ valley, you will admire the nature accompanied by the vineyards.

If you also like to walk and are accustomed to nature walks down the road from Göreme to Uçhisar, you will see the Aşıklar Hill entrance. However, the signs usually say Bağıltepe.

There is a jewelery store next to this entrance which will be on your right. When you follow this road, if you follow the road to the right of the two roads leading to you, you will have reached the way to Bağdere.

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