Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon in the sky of central Turkey’s popular tourism destination Cappadocia have become a major draw card for tourists.

“120,000 people have explored Cappadocia from in the first half of this year,” said Yakup Dinler. Head of the Cappadocia Touristic Entrepreneurs Association (KAPTID).

He said that following a bad year of Turkey’s tourism which was affected by several terror attacks and a deadly coup attempt in 2016. The tourism sector had shown signs of recovery in the current year.

“The contribution to the economy of these 120,000 people was €18 million ($20.5 million approximately),” he added.

“There is a slight increase [in the number of international tourists] compared with the last year,” he added.

Dinler said that there are 25 air balloon agencies in Cappadocia which provide job facilities for nearly 2,500 people.

Cappadocia, located in the Anatolian region of Turkey, is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site. And is famous for its chimney rocks, air balloon trips, underground cities and boutique hotels carved into rocks.

hot air balloon
Hot Air Balloons

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