It is necessary to evaluate the history of Pamukkale District and Denizli center together. Because the city where Denizli was founded is located within the boundaries of today’s Pamukkale District and is located Denizli. City center until 30 March 2014.

For the first time in Denizli, 6 km. north of Eskihisar neighborhood was established around. This city was founded by the Syrian King Antiochusus II between the years 261-245 BC. And was named Laodicia on behalf of his wife.

The Turks were first seen in Denizli in 1070. After the capture of the city of Denizli, the city center has plenty of water and transferred to the present.

After the Turks dominated the Laodicea, the settlement shifted out of the ancient city to the south and spread over. The area where today’s Pamukkale District, where the stone pipes were brought with drinking water.

Towards the end of the century Germiyanoglu Suleiman Shah, his daughter State Hatun, Yildirim Beyazit, giving Denizli (hence Pamukkale). And a dowry to the Ottomans has left the region (1390).

After the Turks dominated Laodicea, this name gradually changed into Ladik.The region was captured in 1411 by the sons of Karaman, but in 1429 it was again connected to the Ottomans.

The city of Denizli was dominated by the Ottomans and continued to live in a quiet way.

When the city of Laodicea was destroyed by continual war and earthquakes in 1702-1880, the people came. And settled in today’s Denizli, where the vineyards and gardens of Laodicea were located.

Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour is a unique tourist attraction with her rich history and beautiful white Travertines. She is listed as a world heritage by Unesco. Now is your chance to see Pamukkale like never before; from above in a hot air balloon. Balloon flights over Pamukkale has started and this is a first in the region. Our guests will have the privilege to witness the beauty of the nature, the white travertines of PamukkaleMenderes Valley, and ancient settlement of Hierapolis from a new perspective. Luxury guaranteed and full insurance included.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flight Program

  • You’ll be picked up from your hotel. Our driver will accompany you to where balloons take off.
  • Reception includes drinks before the flight.
  • You’ll get on board and balloon will take off. It will be splendid sightseeing above white terraces ofPamukkale, Menderes Valley, and Hierapolis.
  • After landing you’ll be served with drink and then our driver will accompany you back to your hotel.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tours are run by professional, licensed pilots; therefore safety is first priority. You’ll also have a certificate attendance of your flight. We hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

The flight will be between 45 minutes and 1 hour hour and we will try to show you as possible as the best places according the weather condition. Also if all the weather conditions available, you will watch the sunrise as well and its usually possible.

Flight will be finish in different location than departure point. End of the landing balloon trailler and minivans will be there.
We will make tradational champagne celebration end of the flight and we will give you a attendent certificate to remind you this adventure in your rest of life. Than our luxury minivans will take you to the

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