Oludeniz town, which is connected to the town of Fethiye, has been chosen as the most beautiful. Beach in the world in 2006 by having 82% of the votes.

Oludeniz, which has a wide range of possibilities in terms of tourism, was named as the land of light and sun during the Lycians and in remote medieval times.

It is one of the abalone formations on the Teke peninsula. In the stormy days of Ölüdeniz on a stormy day, the shores of the Belceğiz cliffs with waves, while only the cliffs form in Ölüdeniz.

Although it may seem stagnant, Ölüdeniz renews itself every day due to three reasons without first sighting. Because of the salt difference formed by fresh water, there is continuous circulation in and out of the sea.

The third reason is that, once a day in three days, the sea rises and descends by half a meter on average.

How to Get to Oludeniz?

The town is accessible by land, sea and air. There are regular bus services from Fethiye, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul.

Dalaman Airport is also an hour away from the resort. Fethiye is 12 km from Ölüdeniz. There is regular transportation from Fethiye to the town.

There are many hotels, boarding houses and campsites in the resort. In the town where all kinds of sea sports can be done, there is also the possibility of jumping with trekking , Paragliding from Babadağ at a height of 2000 meters along with safari, mountaineering, hiking and rafting facilities.

Ölüdeniz is organizing daily and weekly tours with diving agencies in Belcekız. It is possible to get diving certificates with these tours.

Paragliding on Oludeniz

Paragliding on Oludeniz


Paragliding on Oludeniz, Simply put, paragliding is a non-motorized, foot-launchedform of free flying with an inflatable lightweight wing. The aircraft has norigid structure, the fabric canopy consists of many interconnected cells and isinflated by the air entering into them which gives it an aerodynamic shape.There is no jumping off cliffs, mountains or airplanes involved in paragliding,neither there is any pulling by boat. After the wing is inflated, the pilottakes a few steps down a slope and is lifted up in the air.

Tandem paragliding is a heavenly adrenaline rush. Noexperience is necessary, your pilot will do all the hard work, you just need torun on take off then sit back and relax and enjoy the view, and don’t forget tosmile for the camera.

A paraglider is a free flying, foot launched aircraft.

A tandem paraglider is specifically designed to carry twopeople.

The passenger is strapped into a harness in front of theexperienced pilot.

Is tandem paragliding dangerous?

Paragliding is an extreme sport, but you are in good handswith our pilots. All tandem pilots are highly experienced.
Our pilots will only fly in weather that is safe.
Safety precautions include helmets, harnesses with back protection, reserveparachutes and careful pre-flight checks and pre-launch observation. You willbe briefed before your flight, listen to your pilot, when you are told to runyou must RUN, do not sit down.

About take off and landing

Take offs and landings are safe and easy.

Your paragliding pilot will brief you on take off andlanding procedures before your flight.

It is important that you trust your pilot and listencarefully to what he has to say.

Take off requires a few steps, once airborne you will beinstructed to sit comfortably in your harness.

Landings are on a specific area of grass or beach sand andrequire that you stand up in the harness and take a few steps as you touch theground.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can arrange this with us  when making your booking. We can either emailyou a voucher or print a voucher for you. Please let us know if there is aspecial occasion that you would like us to help you celebrate.

Who can not do tandem paragliding?

children over the age of 11
Please note that 11 to 18 year olds need written parentalconsent





What must I wear?

Closed shoes

On a chilly day wear something warm, it can be freezing inthe air


Sunglasses can be worn in-flight