Derinkuyu Underground City

There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia and the deepest one is Derinkuyu underground city. While the widest is the Kaymakli Underground City. 

The Derinkuyu underground city is located in the same named town Derinkuyu, which is situated 40km from Goreme (30 minute drive).

There are about 600 outside doors to the city, hidden in the courtyards of surface dwellings. The underground city is approximately 85m deep.

It contains all the usual rooms found in an underground city (stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, churches, wineries etc.)

Apart from these, a large room with a barrel vaulted ceiling on the second floor was a missionary school, the rooms to the left being study rooms.

From the 3rd and 4th floors onwards the descent is by way of vertical staircases which lead to a cruciform plan church on the lowest floor.

The 55m deep ventilation shaft was also used as a well.

Not every floor was provided with water wells up to the surface in order to protect the dwellers from poisoning.

Derinkuyu contains at least 15,000 ventilation ducts that provide fresh air deep within the underground city.

The Derinkuyu Underground City was opened to visitors in 1965 but so far less than half of it can be visited.

It is unlikely that the underground cities were ever intended for permanent dwelling, or even long stays, but they were.

Clearly built to withstand attack and could support large numbers of people and their domestic animals, for extended periods time.

The urban organization was very complex, and there was probably always work in progress.

Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley, whose name is Peristremma in historical sources; vegetation, churches and chapels with nature, history, art. And culture is one of the rare areas of the phenomenon.

Where is Ihlara Valley?

The Valley, which is located within the borders of Güzelyurt District of Aksaray Province, has an important place among the canyons.

This Valley, which has an area of ​​150 meters in depth, 200 meters in width and thousands of living spaces.  Has the distinction of being the largest canyon in the world.

Where people live in past periods, unlike other canyons. Melendiz River, which shapes the Valley and gives life to the valley, is the main source of life here.

Hundreds of churches and rock carvings, which were formed by the carving of the rocks surrounding the valley. Have made Ihlara Valley one of the most important centers of culture and civilization in the world.

The Ihlara Valley was formed as a result of tectonic elevations and erosion of the Melendiz Stream that progressed over. The collapsed area after the eruption of the Hasandagi volcano for thousands of years.

Melendiz River, along the  Valley, forms a magnificent and striking beauty throughout the valley by cutting the land deeply and steeply.

The small streams, which take their resources from the Melendiz Mountains, merge in the southeast-northwest direction and reach the Mamasın Dam.

Melendiz creek draws close to 30 menderes along the valley. Although the distance between Ilisu and Selime is 10 kilometers, the actual distance is 18 kilometers due to the flow of menderes.

Cappadocia Private Tour

South Of Cappadocia Tour

South Of Cappadocia Tour

South Of Cappadocia Tour, Göreme Panorama, Derinkuyu Underground City, Ihlara Valley Hiking (one hour), lunch, Yaprakhisar Panorama, Selime Monastry, Pigeon Valley, Onxy and Stone Demonstation.

Göreme Panorama

First place in the tour is Panoramic view of Goreme. You get information about history, formation of Cappadocia tours while watching the fairy chimneys. Following the information, free time for photograph.

Derinkuyu Yeralti Sehri

Derinkuyu, Cappadocia After driving about 40 minutes, arrival to Underground City. This underground city was firstly used by the local people as a natural deep freeze. Later by the late Romans as a shelter against potential Arabian invasions.

Ihlara Valley

Cappadocia Ihlara Canyon is 52 km. away from Underground City.Approximately 45 minutes later, you will be in the entrance of Ihlara Valley.Ihlara Valley was formed by the volcanic actions of Mt. Hasan, next to Ihlara Valley. Afterwards, Melendiz River eroded the valley for millions of years besides the layers cracked and fell down.

You will start with the soup and salad, later you will able choose one of the main dishes from the list. Lunch will be over with season fruits.


After lunch our guide will take you to a unique place, Yaprakhisar. You will see the nicest examples of conical fairy chimneys. Since the area is very similar to Star Wars Film Set.

Selime Monastery

Cappadocia tour Our tour will go on with another movie- set-like place, Selime Monastery. At first look, the monastery looks like a castle, but shelters, churches, chapels, bedrooms, storages and big cathedral proves us its being a monastery.

Pigeon Valley

Goreme, Cappadocia Climbing tours to Selime monastery will exhaust you, probably. But till you arrive to Pigeon Valley, you will have about 1 hour to rest. Also, our guide will mention about some traditions, cultures and stories about Anatolia on the way.

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