Turkey’s natural, historical and cultural tourism holds an important place in Cappadocia. İn the first quarter of this year compared to previous years was more preferred by tourists.

Fairy Chimneys, natural rock formations covered with valleys, rock carved historical monasteries. Boutique hotels and hot air balloon tour of the region. The number of those who come to see the unique beauty of the region has seen a significant increase.

According to the data collected from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in January-February-March period, 379 thousand 713 in 2014. 364 thousand 563 in 2015. 182 thousand 162 in 2016, 168 thousand 478 in 2017, 384 thousand in 2018 Cappadocia.

Which is preferred by 862 people, hosted 440 thousand 686 tourists this year.

In the first quarter of this year, the number of visitors to the region reached the highest level in the last 6 years.

The most popular tourist areas in the region, the Göreme Open Air Museum. 208 thousand 482, Kaymaklı Underground City 94 thousand 993, Derinkuyu Underground City 66 thousand 203 domestic and foreign tourists toured.

Göreme Tourism Development Cooperative Chairman Mustafa Durmaz, AA correspondent. Said in a statement made in the first months of 2019, the intensity of visitors in the early months of this year. İn order to provide better service to tourists in this context, preparations were made by the end of 2018 said.

The intense period of the end of 2018 showed that the intensity will continue in this year.

Mobility continues in line with our forecasts. Far Eastern and European tourists are more interested.

Cappadocia ‘ In the spring months, trips to student groups from various places of our country are organized.


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