Cappadocia Tour – Fast Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Tour – Fast Cappadocia Tour

If you want to make a Cappadocia tour in 1 (one) day, you can find information about how to do this tour in our article. We recommend participating in daily Cappadocia daily tours to those with time and opportunities.

In these tours, the guide will explain the information that you cannot easily obtain on your own. You will also have the opportunity to quickly see the places to be seen.

Cappadocia, which spreads over an area of ​​300 kilometers and contains thousands of beauties, amazes those who visit it to see its visitors again.

In this place where the volcanoes leave the city and where there are occasional wear, all you have to do is to go to Cappadocia to witness these beauties that every wind beam offers to us.

The unique views that the valleys absorb show you once again the magnificence of nature. You will not be able to resist the inviting of fairy chimneys in this natural wonder where the places to visit are mixed up.

These recommendations we will give to those who will visit Cappadocia, the pearl of Nevşehir in one day, are definitely worth gold! Starting with the first lights of the morning, it is possible to turn your trip to Cappadocia into a unique feast because unique structures are waiting for you on a big day.

Start the Day in Urgup

As the first lights of the morning begin to greet you, you can start the day from Urgup, which is described as the heart of Cappadocia, and have the opportunity to see the natural formations where you will feel the history. Moreover, you have the opportunity to meet local tastes at the break stops while visiting the streets of Ürgüp.

Don’t forget to photograph every building in Urgup, where stone houses are quite common. Asmalı Konak, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Urgup and appeared on television years ago, is also located here.

While the sun is slowly leaking from the hills, you can enjoy the unique view from Temenni Hill, and you can throw the heat of climbing this hill by drinking tea in the cafes here.

After this little break, you can stop by the famous Turasan Wine House in Urgup and meet unique tastes with its various wines.

Mustafa Pasha Town, which is very close to Urgup, fascinates its visitors with the traces of history. Urgup, which is very crowded, offers the opportunity to buy nice gifts to your loved ones after your trip with its many gift shops.

Go to Uchisar Castles

You can switch to Uçhisar, which is about 20 minutes away from Urgup , and catch the unique feast of the old and new here. Famous for its castle, Uchisar is considered as the birthplace of fairy chimneys and offers you many different types of buildings together.

At the same time, Karakale, another historical building, impresses itself as soon as you see it. While under the spell of these unique structures, you can see Tıgraz Castle, which is the second largest castle, and Pigeon Valley, which is hosted in the valley, and continue your way without stopping.

Visit the Valleys of Goreme

In Goreme, which is approximately 5 kilometers away from Uchisar, Kizilirmak Valley winks you from the edge, while Goreme National Park offers many unique structures and offers you a unique stroll.

The historical churches in the Goreme Open Air Museum, which is the most popular place of this place, where fairy chimneys acquire a different dimension and merge with waterways, take you to different worlds. Goreme, which is legendary with its valleys, also has Baglidere , Love and Zemi Valleys. Goreme, which includes history and geography, is one of the indispensable places to visit in Cappadocia.

Feel the Art in Avanos

Avanos attracts the attention of many visitors both with its artistic aspect and its long-established and rich history. Our advice to those who want to look at Avanos from another point of view is to meet the beauties offered by nature right next to the stone bridge at the entrance of the town.

After crossing the suspension bridge and reaching Orta Mahallesi, you can dive into the houses that date back to old times. For those who want to look at the town from the top, Bayram Hill is a must-visit. The statue of the master of the pottery, known to everyone, is also found in Avanos.

Pottery productions that managed to reach the present day from the Hittites are quite famous here. Avanos, where many pottery houses are located, transforms legendary fairy chimneys into a visual feast with the formations of the Zelve Pasabag Monks Valley.

Get Lost in Ozkonak Underground City

Özkonak underground city, which is 14 kilometers away from Avanos, is another building worth seeing. In this place where you can easily reach by taxi from the center of Avanos, it is possible to see the magnificence of Cappadocia on the earth that has been moved underground.

This city, consisting of 4 floors, was built by considering the living conditions of the time. As the Ozkonak underground city goes down, glaze curtains are increasingly being opened.

Although this underground city, which is divided into small rooms, is known to have connections with other underground cities, the geographical events that have occurred have closed the passageways and added a completely different atmosphere to it.

In this underground city, which consists of 4 large halls and 10 smaller rooms compared to these halls, the peephole holes known for hunting are also remarkable.

Listen to the Story of the Christian Monks in Cavusin Village

There are churches and houses that the monks carved in order to hide as a result of the struggles of the monks in order to spread their religion.

In Cavusin Village, which is the cradle of these unique formations dating back millions of years ago, you can also see structures that offer different dimensions compared to the fairy chimneys formed as a result of the eroding of the lava left by the angry volcanoes of Erciyes, Hasandagı and Gullu  Mountain over the years.

In Cavusin Village, where geological formations are seen at every step, history is not only a number, it makes you feel wherever you look.

While the motifs and stories of the 12 churches in the Red and Rose valleys attract a lot of attention, the Old Village continues to be the first place to be used in the monastery life and continues to keep the atmosphere of the period.

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