Avanos Hair Museum

Avanos Hair Museum

Avanos hair museum, The enchanting atmosphere of Cappadocia, which penetrates into the marrow of the people, is not only breathed in the fairy chimneys and valleys dancing with the sun.

Love brings out everything that mixes with the traveler.

Sometimes in a carpet, sometimes in a jug, sometimes in a memory that dives away.

You must have heard the legend of an underground city or a temple in Cappadocia!

But if you haven’t heard the story of Avanos Museum of Hair, which starts with a pinch of hair and then turns into a big museum, you will be surprised.

Before giving information about the museum, let us share some notes with the guests who will visit.

  1. The museum entrance fee is 3 TL.
  2. Photographing in the hair museum is prohibited due to the protection of people’s private information.
    3.Chez Galip is located in the Chez Galip pottery workshop, which is generally known as the main pottery workshop.

We recommend that you visit there first, meet with him and then visit the Avanos Hair Museum.

Hair Museum Avanos

Avanos Hair Museum is not only a first for our country but also for the world! It is even ranked 6th on the list of the 15 most interesting museums in the world published by the American website ABCNews.com. The museum, named after more than 16,000 women’s tufts, was opened in 1979 by potter Galip Körükçü.

Cappadocia’s texture, carved from the rocks and each other in a 500 m2 cave passing through. Swinging women everywhere from the day to this day continued to surprise its travelers.

Women, not only their hair, maybe one day and hope to come again. And find the name and phone information on a paper and attached to the hair. Some even left a passport photo. Photographs are not allowed in the Museum of Hair so that this information of the owners of the hair is not exposed.

Galip Körükçü, the founder of Hair Museum, draws 20 of these hair bundles randomly every year and invites the lucky hair owners to Cappadocia again. In June and December sweepstakes in Cappadocia, the name of the people who meet all the costs of hosting. He teaches those who want to make pottery, who walks around the valley on horseback.

If you want to get a gift that always reminds you of Cappadocia and reflects the labor, there is a unique option. There is even a wish tree with swinging napkins and handkerchiefs written on the dry branches.

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