Erciyes Mountain Skiing Tour 

Erciyes Mountain Skiing Tour, which has a height of 3,917 meters, is the symbol of Kayseri, with the summit of clouds.

The snow that is not missing from the top, and the glory of human which offers divine feelings.

The ashes coming out of Erciyes have been carried away miles by wind and together with Hasan Mountain.

Nevşehir has a fairy chimney around Ürgüp and there is a mountain glacier north of Erciyes.

In addition, the mountain at the height found Byzantine monks of seclusion taken caves, also a for climbers in bad.

The ski slope, it has a 3000 meter long 1250 person / hour chairlift, 2 teleskies with 1500 meters length and 3 baby-lifts.

Mountain climbing and glacier climbing, it is also used as an tracking track in the summer months.

Erciyes, which combines music, entertainment and sports with Snowflakes Festivals, is famous for its wild horses living in natural environments.

The plateau of Tekir (Plateau), which includes ski slopes, attracts attention in summer as well as in the summer. With its incredibly beautiful natural structure, and serves as a picnic area.

Erciyes, where transportation is extremely convenient, shares its beauties with visitors every season.

The Erciyes Winter Sports Tourism Center was divided into three development zones in 1993 by the Ministry of Tourism.

In the first and third development zones, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was allocated parcel to make investments for tourism purposes.