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cappadocia atv tour

Cappadocia Atv Qaud Tour

Cappadocia Atv Qaud Tour

Cappadocia Atv Tour

Cappadocia Atv Tour , excurcions are an exciting, fun and enother way to see Cappadocia. Unique and Spectacular Valleys of Cappadocia giving us an opportunity to experience one of the best Quad Safari of the World.

Even if you don’t know how to drive a car and withhout having a driver license. İt’s a sport suitable for everybody and it’s very entertaining.

Cappadocia Tour, After having a brief lesson about how to ride an Cappadocia Atv Quad tour and having a small meters of training, you will be able to gain the knowledge of riding Quads.

Atv Excursions are tours in which you have adventurous and exciting moments with your family. Avoiding all the stres and away from the urban life.

We make sure that every excursion is memorable for all participants. We don’t mix the excursion groups so each tour that we depart from our hotel. You can experience Cappadocia’s tranquillity and beauty with your group through the help of our guides.

By not combinig tour groups you have the freedom to choose. And where you stop to take photos, how fast you go and how often you have breaks.

While you will explore Sword, Rose and Love Valley, and experience an off-road adventure at Cavusin Old Greek Village, you will see Cappadocia from a different perspective by viewing dunes and trails of the extraordinary Cappadocia landscape from the ground level.

Includes : 

  1.  Pick Up and drop off from Hotel
  2.  Quad ATV bike for 1-2 persons
  3.  Helmet for safety concerns
  4.  ATV Guide

What to expect : 

  1.  ATV ride in beautiful Cappadocia valleys
  2.  Experience Cavusin village
  3.  Amazing viewpoints
  4.  Sunset landscape view

Starts at : 16.00 , Ends at : 18.00 p.m.

Your trail-ride track is carefully chosen to be challenging and exciting, yet controllable.

If you love adventures or extreme sports this is the

Cappadocia Activities
cappadocia under ypur wings

Cappadocia Paragliding

Cappadocia Paragliding

Cappadocia Paragliding

Cappadocia Paragliding tours, which are newly launched in the field of tourism, are now available for your service. A new activity has been realized for our guests coming to this natural wonder area.

Paragliding for your accommodation in the region or hotel with our transfer vehicles, Urgup office or direct flight to the region we offer a transfer service. After completing your arrival to the mountain you will fly to the mountain and a small briefing begins our preparations. After going up the hill, you leave yourself to the magnificent view of Cappadocia with our pilots. You can enjoy the freedom by seeing the fairy chimneys from above and feeling the wind in the historic area. All you have to do is to make reservations or contact our contracted sales offices. Cappadocia Paragliding service continues until 8:00 in the morning. You can enjoy this pleasure in any time zone.

First of all, we will give paragliding in Cappadocia to our guests. Tandem flights are made with 2 people and are always on the professional pilots. It consists of 42 m2 parachute.

While the flight is carried out, the pilot and passenger are connected to each other by a system called scales. With the arrival of the wind, the tandem pilot removes the wing and makes it ready for flight after filling the chute with air. Then all you have to do is take a few steps and take off from the slope.

First of all, we will give paragliding in Cappadocia to our guests. Tandem flights are made with 2 people and are always on the professional pilots. It consists of 42 m2 parachute.While the flight is carried out, the pilot and passenger are connected to each other by a system called scales. With the arrival of the wind.

Cappadocia Activities
cappadocia private red tour

Cappadocia Private Tour

Cappadocia Private Tour

Cappadocia Activities
cappadocia horse riding tour and all activities

Horse A Riding Tour

Horse A Riding Tour

Horse a riding tour, According to research (or legend!) Cappadocia means “land of beautiful horses”.

So it’s only fitting that we introduce you to the Horse Ranches in Cappadocia.

Here you will find a brief overview of the companies offering tours on horse a riding but there is nothing.  “Captivating” about this information.

We are looking forward to sitting with each of these companies, hearing their stories, and letting you get to know. Them better in future posts.

However, for now this should give you enough information to be able to pursue the Cappadocia horseback riding options that. Fit your preferences and budget.

When you visit know that you have many available alternatives to take a beautiful tour of the land of beautiful horses…on horseback!

Cappadocia Activities
hot air balloon and cappadocia balloon tour

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia

The hot air balloon cappadocia offers a minimum one-hour flight time in the air. You will be collected from your hotel early in the morning, usually before sunrise and driven to the take-off site.

While you are having a light breakfast, you Inflation of the cappadocia balloon tour will watch the inflation of the balloon then get a passenger briefing which explains basic rules & safety measures for the cappadocia balloon flight.

Then it’s time to climb into the basket and highlight of your Turkey trip begins! The take off is gentle – soon you’ll be taking hundreds of pictures over the valleys of Cappadocia.

After the flight lands, there is a small celebration with champagne and you will receive your flight certificate. You will be driven back to your hotel around 08:30am just in time for breakfast. Going on a daily tour or a nap.

While our pilots pick the best take-off spots with regard to weather conditions, our guests finish the check-in formalities and enjoy their hot drinks and cookies.

We transfer our guests to the selected take-off place. The pilots deliver detailed information on technical details of the flight, conditions and safety measures before take-off.

The balloons rise between 5-1000 meters above the ground depending on flight conditions. Guests will fly gracefully above beautiful valleys and spectacular fairy chimneys. No flights are identical as balloons follow the course of the wind.

The flight takes between 45-65 minutes. Larger baskets are used which carry 16-20 passengers.

Services included are;
  • Full passenger insurance
  • Transfers
  • Snacks and beverage service before the flight
  • Minimum flıght time of 45 to 65 minutes
  • Champagne party after the flight
  • Flight certificate

Cappadocia Activities
jeep safari sunset tour

Jeep Safari Tour

Jeep Safari Tour

One of the most exciting adventures in Cappadocia is exploring the region in an off-road vehicle.

Our Jeep Safari tour offers you the best of the best: open-top jeep vehicles for unobstructed views of the valleys, churches and other cultural highlights.

We take you to the hard-to-find places and away from the crowds for spectacular views and the excitement of traveling off-road in the unique landscapes of Cappadocia – all in one day.

We offer half day and full day tours and the itinerary will be like below;

Half Day Excursion:
This trip starts either around 10:00 in the morning or 14:00 in the afternoon and takes about 4 hours.

We will pick you up from your hotel and start our adventure trip by driving from Goreme to Cavusin via Love Valley.

We will have couple picture stops on the way until driving Cavusin village. In this small, lovely town you can walk up to the old city carved into rocks and see St. John the Baptist church, one of the oldest cave churches in Cappadocia.

Old Houses in Cavusin Our adventure will go on by Ortahisar town. We will drive Ortahisar via Rose Valley and again stop for quick picture stops.

When we see picturesque Ortahisar village and castle, we will drive into Uzengi Valley and drive in Uzengi brook!

We will also see hundreds of pigeon houses carved into rocks in this valley. Right after this off-road adventure, we will go to Mustafapasa village, a former Greek town which was inhabited by “Rums” (Greeks) until 1924 population exchange.

We can also have a stop for drinks in this town and then drive to back to Goreme via Pancarlik, Pigeons and Babacik valleys.

Finally we will drop you to your hotel.

The tour travels about 50 km and lasts 4 hours. The driver has basic English and he will drive you from one site to another. He will not be able to explain the sites.

Full Day Excursion:

This trip starts around 10:00 in the morning and finish around 16:30 in the evening.

We will pick you up from your hotel and start our adventure trip by driving from Goreme to Ortahisar.

Ortahisar is one of the small towns of Cappadocia with a picturesque rock-cut castle used as a fortress until medieval-ages.

We will then drive to Uzengi Valley and actually drive in Uzengi brook! We will also see hundreds of pigeon houses carved into rocks in this valley.

After this 4×4 off-road adventure, we will drive to Gomeda Valley and explore one of the hidden beauties of Cappadocia.

This valley is known to be the most greenery valley of Cappadocia.
Cappadocia Jeep Safari Tour Then we will drive to Golgoli hills which has lovely rock formations located next to Damsa Lake.

Golgoli is also a famous sky observing area in the evenings and used by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) for summer camps.

Our last stop before having lunch in Urgup will be Mustafapasa village, a former Greek town which was inhabited by “Rums” (Greeks) until 1924 population exchange.

You can visit the old Greek mansions and have a short walk in this town. Around 13:00, we will have lunch in a restaurant in Urgup.

After we have our lunch, we will drive to Cavusin Village via Red Valley to Rose Valley vista point.

In this small, lovely town you can walk up to old city carved into rocks and see St. John the Baptist church, one of the oldest cave churches in Cappadocia.

Before driving back to your hotel we will drive in Love Valley and see the highest fairy-chimneys (volcanic rock formations) of Cappadocia.

We will then drop you to your hotel.

Cappadocia Activities
cappadocia red tour

North Of Cappadocia Tour

North Of Cappadocia Tour

North Of Cappadocia Tour

North Of Cappadocia Tour, Takes you to Göreme open air museum, the most famous tourist attraction in Cappadocia, Paşabağ, Devrent and Honey (Love) valleys where you can admire the amazing rock formations made by nature itself.


  • Uchisar Panaroma
    • Goreme Open Air Museum
    • Cavusin Village
    • Avanos
    • Lunch
    • Pasabag Monks Valley
    • Devrent Valley
    • Urgup Fairy Chimneys
    • Wine Tasting
    • Return back to Hotel

Goreme Esentepe for Panoramic View

Our next stop is at the Esentepe viewpoint, located between Uchisar and Goreme. This stunning panorama overlooks not only the town of Esentepe, but also the surrounding landscape of fairy chimneys.

Goreme Open Air Museum

We will begin at the Goreme Open Air Museum, an impressive collection of monasteries, churches and chapels that date back to the Middle Ages. It served as an important Christian centre of learning and its religious buildings still exhibit elaborate and beautifully preserved frescoes.

Pasabag – Monks Valley

We will then have time to explore the Monks Valley, famed for its three-headed fairy chimneys. This region of is also known as Pasabag, or ‘Pasha’s Vineyard’, as its stunning earth pillars are located within a vineyard.

Devrent Valley

After a short drive we will stop in the Devrent Valley, famed for its lunar-like landscape of small, pointed fairy chimneys. We will take the time to explore the valley and witness some of its most unusual rock formations.

Avanos Pottery workshop

Our final destination is the small town of Avanos, home to a terracotta industry that dates back to 3000BC. The clay is sourced from the Red River which passes through the town and we will have the opportunity to visit a traditional pottery workshop and see how it is crafted first-hand.

Three Beauties

Three Graces are the brilliant three fairy chimneys located near Urgup. It is the most famous natural beauty and symbol of Urgüp. This amazing natural formation is well known not only its enchanting landscape but also its incredible story.

Cappadocia Activities
pamukkale balloon tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour is a unique tourist attraction with her rich history and beautiful white Travertines. She is listed as a world heritage by Unesco. Now is your chance to see Pamukkale like never before; from above in a hot air balloon. Balloon flights over Pamukkale has started and this is a first in the region. Our guests will have the privilege to witness the beauty of the nature, the white travertines of PamukkaleMenderes Valley, and ancient settlement of Hierapolis from a new perspective. Luxury guaranteed and full insurance included.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flight Program

  • You’ll be picked up from your hotel. Our driver will accompany you to where balloons take off.
  • Reception includes drinks before the flight.
  • You’ll get on board and balloon will take off. It will be splendid sightseeing above white terraces ofPamukkale, Menderes Valley, and Hierapolis.
  • After landing you’ll be served with drink and then our driver will accompany you back to your hotel.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tours are run by professional, licensed pilots; therefore safety is first priority. You’ll also have a certificate attendance of your flight. We hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

The flight will be between 45 minutes and 1 hour hour and we will try to show you as possible as the best places according the weather condition. Also if all the weather conditions available, you will watch the sunrise as well and its usually possible.

Flight will be finish in different location than departure point. End of the landing balloon trailler and minivans will be there.
We will make tradational champagne celebration end of the flight and we will give you a attendent certificate to remind you this adventure in your rest of life. Than our luxury minivans will take you to the

Cappadocia Activities
paragliding on oludeniz and oludeniz all tours

Paragliding on Oludeniz

Paragliding on Oludeniz

Paragliding on Oludeniz


Paragliding on Oludeniz, Simply put, paragliding is a non-motorized, foot-launchedform of free flying with an inflatable lightweight wing. The aircraft has norigid structure, the fabric canopy consists of many interconnected cells and isinflated by the air entering into them which gives it an aerodynamic shape.There is no jumping off cliffs, mountains or airplanes involved in paragliding,neither there is any pulling by boat. After the wing is inflated, the pilottakes a few steps down a slope and is lifted up in the air.

Tandem paragliding is a heavenly adrenaline rush. Noexperience is necessary, your pilot will do all the hard work, you just need torun on take off then sit back and relax and enjoy the view, and don’t forget tosmile for the camera.

A paraglider is a free flying, foot launched aircraft.

A tandem paraglider is specifically designed to carry twopeople.

The passenger is strapped into a harness in front of theexperienced pilot.

Is tandem paragliding dangerous?

Paragliding is an extreme sport, but you are in good handswith our pilots. All tandem pilots are highly experienced.
Our pilots will only fly in weather that is safe.
Safety precautions include helmets, harnesses with back protection, reserveparachutes and careful pre-flight checks and pre-launch observation. You willbe briefed before your flight, listen to your pilot, when you are told to runyou must RUN, do not sit down.

About take off and landing

Take offs and landings are safe and easy.

Your paragliding pilot will brief you on take off andlanding procedures before your flight.

It is important that you trust your pilot and listencarefully to what he has to say.

Take off requires a few steps, once airborne you will beinstructed to sit comfortably in your harness.

Landings are on a specific area of grass or beach sand andrequire that you stand up in the harness and take a few steps as you touch theground.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can arrange this with us  when making your booking. We can either emailyou a voucher or print a voucher for you. Please let us know if there is aspecial occasion that you would like us to help you celebrate.

Who can not do tandem paragliding?

children over the age of 11
Please note that 11 to 18 year olds need written parentalconsent





What must I wear?

Closed shoes

On a chilly day wear something warm, it can be freezing inthe air


Sunglasses can be worn in-flight

Cappadocia Activities

Rent A Car

Rent A Car

Cappadocia Activities
salt lake tour from göreme

Salt Lake Tour

Salt Lake Tour

Salt Lake Tour

Salt Lake Tour is the region where 40% of our country’s salt needs are provided today. The lake is therefore known as a touristic and commercially important lake. As Turkey’s second largest lake’s surface is here. The lake is located in the deepest part of a tectonic pit and has plateaus around it.

When you arrive in the area, you can visit the lake and also buy from the lake’s health products. Various cosmetic shops are located at the entrance of the lake. From here you can buy or try creams made of different minerals and produced by the lake, which actually really softens the hands. Then you can start walking bare feet in the lake. The salt you feel on your feet will give you a very interesting feeling. As you walk on the lake, you will see your skin softens like the cream you’ve tried. This is extremely natural. Minerals on the lake feed your skin.

Legend of the Salt Lake

According to a legend, once upon a time the locals met salt from a small lake. But then the salt in this lake was depleted and people couldn’t find a place to meet their salt needs. For this reason, they made the salt lake, which is actually sweet, a salty lake. Then they started to meet their salt needs from here. According to another legend, once an old woman had vineyards where the lake once was. One day an old woman passes through these vineyards and a bunch of vineyard from the owner of the vineyard says he suffered. So the owner of the vineyard does not want to give grapes to the woman. The old woman left you by saying that these vineyards are ice with salt. All the ties of this woman were salt, and today’s salt lake is formed.

Salt Lake Formation and Properties

The effect of the surrounding rocks in the formation of the lake is very large. Thanks to the rain made by time tectonics collapsed in this area. Then all these waters collapsed and began to melt the rocks. In the winter months, the lake, which is overflowing with water, dries in the summer and all these waters become steam. The area of ​​the lake turns into a salt desert. Officers collect these salts from here and make us come to their tables.

Where is Salt Lake?

Tuz lake is located within the boundaries of Konya, Ankara and Aksaray. For the question of how to get to the lake, it is possible to reach the lake with your own vehicle or by bus. If you want to reach here by bus, you can use the Aksaray buses departing from AŞTİ. Later on, you can reach Cihanbeyli by bus from Konya and you can use various minibuses that go to the lake. If you want to reach the lake with your own car, you can follow the Konya State road from the Ankara area.

Cappadocia Activities
cappadocia shuttle bus

Shuttle Bus (Airport Transfer Service)

Shuttle Bus (Airport Transfer Service)

Shuttle Bus 

Cappadocia Shuttle Bus, All of the domestic flights arriving/departing Cappadocia (both Kayseri and Nevsehir airports) have regular shuttle buses, however, advance booking is required and the drivers cannot accept passengers not on their list.

The Kayseri Airport is 70km from Goreme and the drive takes about 1 hour. The Nevsehir Airport is located 40km from Goreme and the drive is about 40 minutes.

When departing Cappadocia by plane, you will be picked up at your hotel approximately 2 to 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. You will arrive at least 1 hour before your plane departs, allowing plenty of time to check-in for your flight.

The regular airport transfer cappadocia shuttle bus fee is 10 Euro from/to Nevsehir Airport, 10 Euro from/to Kayseri Airport per person, each way. This rate is for airport transfers to/from any hotel in Goreme, Uchisar, Avanos and Urgup city. Please check with us for rates of other towns.

Private Airport transfers in Cappadocia
Many of our guests prefer the convenience of the private airport transfer to and from the area airports. The private transport will meet you at the exit gate of your airport upon arrival – the driver will be holding a sign with your name for easy identification. The driver will drive directly to your hotel. For the return flight you will also have direct service from hotel to airport, saving time.

Private Airport transfer rates in Cappadocia
Private Airport transfer with Vw Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter (up to 4 people) is 50 Euro for one way.
Private Airport transfer with Vw Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter (up to 15 people) is 60 Euro for one way.

Turkish Heritage Travel can organize convenient and affordable transfers to and from aTurkish Heritage Travel can organize convenient and affordable.

Cappadocia Activities
cappadocia green tour and undergroundcity

South Of Cappadocia Tour

South Of Cappadocia Tour

South Of Cappadocia Tour

South Of Cappadocia Tour, Göreme Panorama, Derinkuyu Underground City, Ihlara Valley Hiking (one hour), lunch, Yaprakhisar Panorama, Selime Monastry, Pigeon Valley, Onxy and Stone Demonstation.

Göreme Panorama

First place in the tour is Panoramic view of Goreme. You get information about history, formation of Cappadocia tours while watching the fairy chimneys. Following the information, free time for photograph.

Derinkuyu Yeralti Sehri

Derinkuyu, Cappadocia After driving about 40 minutes, arrival to Underground City. This underground city was firstly used by the local people as a natural deep freeze. Later by the late Romans as a shelter against potential Arabian invasions.

Ihlara Valley

Cappadocia Ihlara Canyon is 52 km. away from Underground City.Approximately 45 minutes later, you will be in the entrance of Ihlara Valley.Ihlara Valley was formed by the volcanic actions of Mt. Hasan, next to Ihlara Valley. Afterwards, Melendiz River eroded the valley for millions of years besides the layers cracked and fell down.

You will start with the soup and salad, later you will able choose one of the main dishes from the list. Lunch will be over with season fruits.


After lunch our guide will take you to a unique place, Yaprakhisar. You will see the nicest examples of conical fairy chimneys. Since the area is very similar to Star Wars Film Set.

Selime Monastery

Cappadocia tour Our tour will go on with another movie- set-like place, Selime Monastery. At first look, the monastery looks like a castle, but shelters, churches, chapels, bedrooms, storages and big cathedral proves us its being a monastery.

Pigeon Valley

Goreme, Cappadocia Climbing tours to Selime monastery will exhaust you, probably. But till you arrive to Pigeon Valley, you will have about 1 hour to rest. Also, our guide will mention about some traditions, cultures and stories about Anatolia on the way.