9 Facts Unknown About Hot Air Balloon Tours

One of the most romantic and unforgettable moments of Cappadocia holidays is the hot air balloon tours of Cappadocia. Hot air balloon tours that you join with your family or friends give you the opportunity to see the landscapes you have never seen before and to experience the emotions you have never felt before. You can look at the insatiable landscapes for minutes in the balloon tour where time stops and breaths, and you may be amazed by the miraculous nature of nature. Balloon tours in Cappadocia in our country gives us the chance to get to know the geography we live in better. You can surprise your loved ones with a hot air balloon tour with special events, birthdays or anniversaries, and give them a gift they will never forget. Balloon tours in Cappadocia allow you to see fairy chimneys, underground cities and witness history. Want to learn interesting facts and amazing facts about hot air balloon rides that are indispensable for the holidays? After learning these facts, all you know about hot air balloon rides will be turned upside down, and he will tell us den

1.The first subjects of the hot air balloon were a duck, a lamb and a rooster. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong! The first manned flight trials were initiated in Paris by Frenchman Joseph Michel Montgolfier and his brother Jacques Etienne Montgolfier. One of the manned test flights took place in Paris on September 19, 1783 and a duck, a lamb and a rooster were placed in the basket and the balloon was vented.

2.After the balloon tour, champagne comes from French culture. The first balloon flight trials took place on farms and fields in Paris. These flights started by French aristocrats started to disturb and intimidate the workers in the fields. Even the farmers were so scared that there were those who believed that the balloons were dragons. As such, French aristocrats calmed down by offering champagne to farmers after the flight. This tradition, which dates back many years, still continues today. The wines offered after the balloon tours help the passengers to start a pleasant day by relaxing.

3.The most interesting of hot air balloons is in Bristol. Those who ride a hot air balloon with a glass basket are afraid of the view from under their feet at first but then they get used to it. The hot air balloon made from a glass basket blown in 2010 continues to attract the attention of tourists who love adventure and height today. You can experience this incredible experience if you are on your way to Bristol.

4.Did you know that there is an annual hot air balloon festival in the world? At the balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you can see 700 balloons in the sky during the festival (9 days). Hot air balloons of different shapes and colors are astonishing to those who see them. With balloons in the form of movie characters, castles, ghosts, you can have an experience you’ve never experienced before. You will see colorful balloons wherever you look at the festival area, which is the size of 54 football fields.

5.The most important difference of a hot air balloon from other vehicles is that you cannot control the flight direction. The hot air balloon, which is moving in the direction of the wind, is actually a curiosity. Being in the heart of nature and finding direction according to the movement of the wind will be one of the most special experiences you can experience. As you rise to the sky with a hot air balloon, you will surrender yourself completely to the arms of nature and feel the time flowing more slowly.

6.Balloons are not only used for tourist or science purposes but also for duels. According to the famous story in France, in 1808 two young men fall in love with a girl in France. The two lovers, who enter each other for the girl they fall in love with, decide to go up to the sky with balloons and continue their fighting there. Two hot air balloons rise from the center of the village towards the sky. Of course, the people of the village and the girl who is the leading actress of the story is among those who watch the duel. One of the young men who started to shoot at each other through the balloons rising to the sky causes the other to fall to the ground by hitting the balloon. Then he slowly slides down and holds the beautiful Tirevit’s hand forever.

7.In the American Civil War, hot air balloons are being used for the first time as agents. During the war, the soldiers rose to the sky with the balloon and can see from which side the enemy is moving. This method, which worked for a long time, is banned after a while with the invention of large weapons. Thanks to the balloons, the soldiers, who have been identified, are easily found by the enemy and are being shot with newly developed weapons. Therefore, in 1863, the US Government banned the use of hot air balloons in wars.

8.One of the most popular activities between the 1800s and 1900s was balloon jumping. Crazy and adventurous pilots tie themselves to the balloon rising to the sky without a basket.

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